A New Beginning

Friday was my last day of work at my first real job. You know, a job where you are given tasks that have no accompanying directions, and “figuring it out” becomes a crucial life skill. The kind where you lay awake at night, wondering if your desperate efforts to  create value have paid off. A job with politics, pressures, and sometimes you just feel like you’re in The Office.

ryan office tumblr_m0buxvIbNL1qzdaieo1_500

Overall, it was a really, really awesome experience. Wouldn’t trade it. It’s funny, actually, how quickly I became nostalgic and miss it. I quit to “pursue other opportunities” (ones that will pay off long term), and frankly I am stoked.

Last Thanksgiving I had a “thankful tree” up, where the students wrote what they were grateful for on a leaf and taped it on the tree. Other than the token immature sex jokes, I was impressed with the response. Being the emotional hoarder that I am, I saved a few. It was poetic and a little bit beautiful as I was cleaning out my desk drawer; amongst the rotten oranges and boxes of hot chocolate, I found this:


I am grateful for change. For the opportunity to become my best self. To have the kind of support system that allows me to do these crazy things (hashtag: adamisthebesthusbandever). Here’s to second chances and chasing dreams!

How NOT to Make AN Omelet

Hey there readers, it’s time for another failed recipe post! You probably thought I would grow out of these, but you were wrong. On Saturday, I went for my first run in weeks. I was feeling pretty healthy so i thought I’d make a veggie filled omelet for lunch. Yum, right? Here’s how it went.

Step 1: Definitely don’t put any prep or fore-thought into this. like, at all.

Step 2: Put the eggs in the pan and stir them around.

Step 3: When they are cooked on one side, try to flip it over. Fail. Stare sadly at your shredded egg pancake.

Step 4: Definitely forget to put shredded spinach, salt and pepper, and cheese into the egg while it’s wet. Why would you want a delicious, savory mixture of flavor in your egg, when you could have a plain old egg?

Step 5: Remember that you should start cutting up some of the ingredients (the egg should be fully cooked and ready to be taken off the pan now). Quickly cut up a tomato and some mushrooms.

Step 6: Throw them on the omelet. Trow a slice of cheddar cheese in for good measure.

Step 7: Try to fold the omelet in half (so it’s hugging the innards) and flip it. Ingredients should fly out of the pan and onto your floor, stove, and arms as you try to take this pile of mush to the next level.

Step 8: Definitely stir it around a little bit. That’s what chefs do, right?

Step 9: Add some salt and pepper to the top. Nothing says “Iron Chef” like an afterthought of ungrated pepper.

Step 10: Put it on your plate, eat a couple bites, then decide you could really go for some of that root beer you’ve been saving for a special occasion, instead.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done. You’re welcome.

Stop drooling guys.

Dear Coworkers,

It’s me, that weird new girl who brought a pickle to lunch and made the whole fridge smell. It won’t happen again, I promise.



Anyways, things have been busy.

Moving on, here are three fun facts about my job:

On Mondays and Fridays, we wear very comfortable matching cardigans. It reminds me of this:

but less vicious. I’m just grateful it’s not like this when I forget to wear my name tag:

(2) Multiple people have commented that something I wore or did reminded them of a 5-year-old relative of theirs. Also someone thought I was a high schooler?? So…yeah….

(3) I get off at 5:30 and it is already PITCH BLACK DARK NIGHT TIME when I step outside. Boo. All in all, it’s a really great job. Life is good.

Ok, those were more about me than my job. So, since this is “supposed to be a health blog” (but is turning into a slightly embarrassing forum for my thoughts), I should talk about food, right? Let’s start off with two delightful meals we ate this weekend:

Yes and yes. We also have eaten out more times since I got my job than in my entire childhood.  However, now that I finally feel like I have things under control, I am making more meals and trying to eat healthier lunches at work. What I eat affects my brain (ok duh). But for realsies, I get headaches if I don’t eat enough fresh food. aka if I eat too much processed food. Also it makes me fall asleep…? I could sleep 11 hours a day EASY though so that’s probably irrelevant *insert sheepish emoticon that I don’t know where to find*. Here’s what I put in my lunch:

  • Pickles! …too soon?
  • 2-3 fruits, and 1-2 veggies. Veggies are harder because I don’t like carrots (they make me feel hungry), and other veggies make you look weird in the breakroom #firstworldpains
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Couscous. Now, is this stuff really super healthy? Idk. I assumed it was because my skinny-fit aunt served it to me once, but now I’m second-guessing. That’s the problem with being a “health person” (lol I scoff at myself for even categorizing myself there), people assume everything you do is healthy and wise. Remember my Good N Plenty breakfast of champions?
  • Some other things I can’t remember. Gotta have something to write about tomorrow, am I right?!

That list is much less exciting written on paper than it was going down my esophagus. Mah bad.

Enough about food, back to me. A-money and I have decided it would be a better investment to buy a treadmill than a gym membership. Secretly, my plan is to become a certified spin instructor and get a free membership anyways… But yeah, I’m pumped about the treadmill. Anybody have great recommendations on starting a home gym? What are the best treadmills? Where would a cheapskate like me get amazing deals?


Hello Blog. I haven’t even looked at you/thought about you in a week, sorry ’bout that. I started this new job…turns out there’s not much free time when you actually have a life. Weird.

So guys, my big kid job is great! I think it will be a big challenge and the first week is always hard, but so far so good. I am pooped at the end of every day though. I finally understand why Adam doesn’t always want to party when he gets home.  Tangent: You know you have a smarty pants hubby when he says, while reading The Hunger Games: “I can’t read this book, it’s too easy. There’s too much space between the sentences.”

WOW. Um, ok.

Anywho, highlights of the week include: Going out for celebratory HunCal FroYo (lol) after my first day, it was fab. It’s better here than it is in Provo, sorry zoobs.

Also, a belated birthday gift/letter from my brother, Dustin, who is on a church mission in Nevada.

So festive. Turns out he’s freaking hilarious…it’s really a shame we basically hated each other  didn’t get along growing up, I feel like we missed out on a mahvelous childhood. But I can tell we’re gonna be besties when he gets back–better let than never, eh?

So having a real job is exhausting, and things are about to get real here at Run Eat Live. I no longer have time to plan out amazing meals or go running at my leisure…or spend all day proof-reading my posts (embarassing).  Hopefully I will now have actual advice about how to make healthy choices when you’re busy and stressed! To be continued tomorrow!


You can tell someone is your best friend when you wake up to a text like this:

baha I love my Emily. I might copy her new Taylor Swift haircut…but I’m scared!! What do you think??

Anyways, it took me all day to get this post up…but here it is.This weekend was family fun filled!! Adam’s parents came in town and we showed them around our new ‘hood. It was a good excuse for us to get out and do things we’ve wanted to do for a while. On Friday we went downtown to the Chicago Magnificent Mile…Basically tons and tons and tons of shopping! We went a little crazy in Banana Republic…

Gotta look good for my new job, right!? I just love being in the city. Can’t wait to live there someday (WINK WINK HINT HINT ADAM) (don’t worry he already knows that I won’t leave IL until we live downtown for a year).

On Saturday, the guys went to the BYU vs Notre Dame game. Rosemary and I had a girl’s day where we ate out and shopped (we are Maxxinistas) and she helped me make this fabulous TUTU for my Halloween costume (to be revealed at a later date ;) ) Rosemary made up the pattern in her head as we went, like a GENIUS. I was inspired to use my sewing machine more often (…this was the first time…heh..) so maybe I’ll make some skirts this winter.


On Sunday we walked around the lake and just chilled. We were sad to see them go today :( Thanks for visiting yall! We love you!!


In other news, we have been watching a ridiculous amount of Giant’s baseball lately. Lol one of these days I swear I will stop using my broken iPhone to take blurry pictures.

HAHAHA look at my face!! You all know I basically hate sports right? Surprisingly, I really like the post-season of baseball. The other 100 games of the year are ridiculous and monotonous and boring, but the post-season…well I like the post-season :) Lucky for me, my man chose a team that rocks. I love San Fran, I love the excitement games, I love the hilarious fans, I love the eye-candy…and I love that it’s SHORT. Very short. Add the Giants to our list of mega-crushes. One of the few that I don’t have a crush on is, hilariously, probably my favorite player.

How could you not love that little Mexican leprechaun! I mean, am I right or am I right?!

Anyways, enjoy that little sports post, I would bet my lunch you won’t get that much about sports from me ever again.


Wish me luck at my new job tomorrow!!***edit: changed my mind, yes I do***

I Am A Pansy plus Some Exciting News!

It took every ounch **edit: Ounch? What? I just couldn’t correct that one.** of motivation I could find to get off my duff and outside running this morning. I just dread those first few minutes of being cold, even though I KNOW it will warm up in about 2 minutes, and I KNOW it won’t be a painful run, like running in the heat often is. But still, I just can’t get over that initial hump. It wasn’t even really cold today:

Yes I covered the location. Sorry creeps. And you thought I wasn’t careful on the internet.

I just love my neighborhood. Who wouldn’t want to run around this? I am loving being on the eastern side of America. Fall is the BEST! I’ve never seen anything like it.

It was only a short 20 minute run today, but it was all I needed to get those endorphins and feel great the whole day! I have a serious problem with the “All-or-Nothing” attitude. I feel if I don’t get in a super hardcore workout, like over an hour or LOTS of sprints, it’s not worth it. WRONG!!! I always feel better even if I just walk outside. I have this problem in lots of areas of my life. Any advice for getting over that?

I also had to keep it short because I am a busy lady today! I had a JOB INTERVIEW this morning  and my in-laws are coming in town tonight! WOOHOO!!!!! It’s gonna be a good weekend. The job is a great opportunity and I am stoked! I will explain more later, but I start Tuesday and it sounds like I will really enjoy it. Fortunately/Unfortunately, it also means I now have a life and can’t lounge around all day :) :( Now that I’m home I gotta clean like MAD…our house looks like a bomb went off because of all my recent DIY projects and lack of paper storage.

Anyone else have an “All-or-Nothing” attitude?

Any fun weekend plans?

A Very Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is a delicious pesto spinach mozarella avocado grilled cheese sandwich I found on Pinterest. Can you tell I have a thing with pesto? Try it, you’ll like it. Use olive oil instead of butter (I didn’t, but have in the past) and whole wheat bread (I did) and you have a nutrient-packed sandwich. Are you excited for my arbitrary ingredient quantities again?!?!


  • 2 pieces of bread
  • Some mozzarella cheese
  • Some spinach
  • Some pesto
  • 1/2 avocado

Step 1: Butter toast. Put toast on grill.

Step 2: Spread pesto on bread.

Step 3: Put mozzarella, spinach, and avocado on the sandwich.

Step 4: Put pesto on other piece of toast and put it on sandwich.


  • Don’t drop the glass butter dish because it will break all over your counter. It’s not my fault, there was butter on it.
  • Don’t burn the toast. I do it every time.
  • When making a grilled cheese sandwich, you only put butter on the outside of the sandwich; ie, the part that touches the grill/pan. Freshman year, I did not know that and made a fool of myself in front of a boy.


Here is the original recipe, where I got the idea.


In conclusion, look at this cool mask I found at Michael’s yesterday.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is the guide to everything you never knew you needed! I was hoping to point out a few of my favorites for your entertainment, but I lol’d at literally about 25 of them. You’re gonna die.